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Angie Starn

Consultant and Support for Human and Planetary Well-being

Operations | Admin | Projects | Events | Marketing

Bespoke virtual admin support for visionaries of human and planetary wellbeing

From Los Angeles to London, I deliver in-person and virtual support and consultancy for wellness and conscious lifestyle practitioners and spaces.

I’ll be with you every step of the way offering strategy, tech, operations, communications, scheduling, admin support and fresh ideas.

With over 28 years of experience and a strong network of collaborators, I allow you to focus more clearly on the work that excites you.

Kind words

Angie is pure sunshine and has been an immense support for me personally and professionally over the past years. She's creative and resourceful to the max, and has an incredible ability to find creative solutions to any issue  - always positive, ready to roll up the sleeves and dig in. Her communication and operational skills are nothing short of amazing, and wherever you are on your professional journey, Angie would be the best support you could get. Additionally, she has the best network of people connected with sustainability & wellbeing.                                                                                                       - Merilyn Keskula, Founder of Mylky Moon Lab

Angie has provided support and a service that is highly treasured. Angie is someone who can be trusted and respected. She is a person of the highest integrity and I can always rely on her to answer every question and need. She is committed to her work and cares about the people she works with. Angie supports all of the administrative aspects of Pause Place and also understands it's ethics and most importantly the core of its work. I feel very grateful to have found Angie. There are not many people that I have come across who have the heart, soul and practical ability to support a business that puts love, presence, and connection before anything else. Angie does this and she goes above and beyond the call of duty. On a practical level, Angie can help with all aspects of running a business - answering inquiries, managing the diary, website management, event management, client liaison and also the understanding and implementation of ethos, vision, and soul.                                                                                                                             - Katie Abbott, Founder of Pause Place

Angie is the person who gets all those ‘to do’ list items, done….and so much more. Where there was chaos, she brought order. Thoughtful, accommodating and someone who was always going above and beyond meant that I was free to focus on the things that are of highest value in life. Angie has the ideas that will simplify, improve and streamline things which resulted in being able to enjoy both my business and life more. Angie brings passion and experience and quickly became someone I could explore business opportunities with. Bringing enthusiasm and insight to each conversation and piece of work she undertakes, Angie is someone you want on your team.

- Rachel Moore, Leadership Coach

Aren't you just the kindest and the sweetest. THANK YOU so much for all of your help and wisdom. 

- Light Watkins, Teacher, Speaker, Author



Angie built my website and my automation tools. Let's face it, she is smart, super creative, she has an amazing eye to build a visual story and to create a brand identity. She is super savvy when it comes to using tools & automation systems, she knows all the products on the market and is great advise as to where to spend money and where not to spend any.

For me, her greatest strength is that she is so passionate about her job that she genuinely becomes passionate about your business too. She really went above and beyond in anything that she did for me. She asked me so many questions to really understand my personality, my aspirations in order to grasp that authentic me and help me create a business that was in line with who I am, my beliefs, my values. She also kindly helped me travel through a funnel, I had so many ideas, wanted to do everything and anything and again she asked me very powerful questions to get to the essence of my business in order to craft a strong, powerful, meaningful and authentic message.

- Stephanie Peltier, The Happiness Society

Angie is an asset to any business. She is proactive, organised, structured & of course a lot of fun to work with. Angie quickly grasps what needs to be done, offers great feedback & ideas to make things extremely efficient & always delivers on time. She is also extremely adaptable to changing priorities which is incredibly helpful with a growing business & has great technical skills using up to date tools.

A great VA & also now a great friend! I’d have no hesitation in recommending Angie.

- Laura Mercurio, Founder, Global Front Room and Wellness Spokesperson

Angie has also been very encouraging along the way. Setting up a sole business can be an isolating experience sometimes and I always felt that I had her support. She has been in the business of wellness for ages and knows everybody, I mean it, everybody, and has introduced me to so many lovely like-minded people, some of which I have started collaborating with.

- Stephanie Peltier, The Happiness Society

Angie supported me to get to the heart of my business, what feels authentic for me, new perspectives and how to make my values rock!  I felt nurtured, held... and loved.   

- Liz Martin, Mindfulness, Meditation and Rituals