You too can create stunning graphics

Notice the newsletters, blogs or Instagram posts that arrive looking like a professional glossy? Do some just pop? I wondered how busy solopreneurs had the time, funds or expertise to be creating such impressive graphics.  So, I asked.  The answer was Canva!

Canva is still my favourite creative tool. It is the closest I come to feeling like a Graphic designer, and so addictive.  Try it out for your next blog, presentation, Facebook cover, flyer, poster, or invitation,

With Canva you can create interesting graphics with pre-designed templates. Just drop in your image and add your copy. In fact, it is more powerful than that, but if you are just getting started it can be that simple.  Many of their templates are free or available for as little as $1.

Give it a try.

Here are some of my creations.




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