Conscious living retreat

Conscious living retreat - UK

A place for living simply and sustainably in communion and devotion to all that is. Where you can experience both quietude and aliveness at once. There is no need for therapists when your inner voice is honoured for the wisdom contained in your soul.

It's a place where you can leave the car at home and immerse yourself in the surrounding beauty, wonder and mystery of all that is. Participate with it. 

A quiet place...furnished with only the most scaled back necessities. All of which have deep meaning or have been upcycled and reclaimed with love and attention.

It started with my home in London, the choice to buy an environmentally built home, rewild the small urban space and engage with the local community and support the local community gardens 'wilderness' that are shared with all. To live where no car is needed. This will now extend out to a magical place immersed in the deep ecology and magic of the English countryside.

It's an opportunity to live a life of natural abundance. Where escaping our modern ways of living does not mean sacrificing our quality of life. And where our inner wisdom and poetry can emerge.

My hope is that people can experience this type of lifestyle, feel like their life is enhanced and incorporate it into their everyday life when they return to the demands of providing for oneself and our families and living on a planet with no guarantees. We don't need therapists, our inner voice is enough when we live in alignment. Even in our cities the meaning and mystery of life can thrive as we reject the material world.

A compost toilet, a car-free lifestyle, items that were acquired without adverse impacts on the environment. And the realisation that we are of nature. And once you connect with this, you will see it everywhere. Even in the most urban of areas. The world's soul is our soul. 

When you enter the door, when you settle in, you will be filled with quietude and aliveness at the same time. 

When you leave, you will be so connected with mother nature that every action you take or don't take will be in honour of her rather than at her sacrifice. An idling car will feel like an assault. That shows the depth of our love and awareness.

That is conscious living. I can't wait to welcome you.

conscious lifestyle retreat

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