A retreat like now other

  When I graduated from university I was obsessed with travel. Every spending choice I made was held up against the alternative of putting that money in my travel budget. A new purse or even having something other than water at a restaurant never won out over putting that money toward an international flight.  During…Read more

Good morning!

Let’s talk about the mornings. I’m a morning person. Always have been, most likely always will be. I have sympathy for night people in a world that seems to have been structured more suitably for morning people. Trust me if work hours were set for night people, I’d struggle. I’ve never needed an alarm clock….Read more

The Fundamentals for Project and Business Management

Empowering pioneers interested in community building and entrepreneurship If you take once class for your growing wellness business this year, this should be the one! Samantha Moyo is an entrepreneur who specialises in innovation, creative direction and community building. She designs future-focused campaigns with positive social impact and is the founding mother of Morning Gloryville. Sam…Read more

London events

LONDON WELLNESS EVENTS As we all know, the wellness scene has hit London in force. Many of these events have evolved and now offer a solid line-up of practitioners and activities to keep us informed and connected. Although not exhaustive, I have listed the events that my typical client benefits from for networking, learning, participating…Read more