The Runyon Project is my outlet to make a contribution greater than myself – to be creative and fulfilled, to learn and to be of service.

Though London is my home, The Runyon Project’s name is inspired by the hiking trail behind my ‘home away from home’ in Hollywood, CA.  It was there that I gained physical and mental strength, where I hiked with friends or my headset – learning a new language, practicing a speech, listening to new music or just being mindful in nature.

After a very fulfilling professional life and an exciting yet intense position, I found myself with a few months to heal and explore what to do next.  During this time, I decided to focus my aspirations on how I want to feel each day – creative, mindful, healthy, inspired – and design my life around that.

…and then an unexpected career move found me when a talented and ambitious life coach posted a request on a community Facebook page seeking administrative support.  Interesting.  Why not?  I started right away and continue to love my work.

Each day I think about that one way that I can astonish and bring value to my clients.  And every day is an opportunity to contribute my experience and also learn something new.

Feeling great each day isn’t difficult: cycling, a creative work project, a walk in my local park, films, my family, the wonders of living in London, the refugees I volunteer with, or simply a great buzz off green tea – these are all always accessible to me. And, the impact these resources have had on the effectiveness, creativity and efficiency of my work and life are astounding.

Professionally, I have 25 years of experience and demonstrated success in fundraising, event management, membership growth, operations, executive support and working virtually with teams around the globe.  It’s amazing how relevant and impactful this is to all aspects of my work.

Social Impact is also important to me.  Close to my heart, I have spent over 20 years working with refugees. Getting my masters in refugee studies and community development and working with so many fascinating and inspiring people from around the world has been amongst the highlights of my life. Of course, the reality is that these opportunities, mainly each person along the way, have given me so much more in return.  You’ll also find me tweeting and getting behind campaigns that aim for more space and safety for cyclists.

Prior to my work supporting health, career and life coaches – my skills, experience, friendships and networks along the way have been formed at these outstanding mission and profit-driven organisations:


With over 42-million members and a team located across the globe, I provided virtual and online campaign and operations support in a fast-paced mission-driven environment dedicated to narrowing the gap between the world we live in and the world most everyone wants.

British Future 

Alongside a small brilliant team, helped launch new organisation that was awarded think tank to watch in 2015; managed hugely successful launch event to a packed house; chaired panel discussion on migrant re-settlement at the Edinburgh Festival of Politics; all while leading its operations, governance, HR and executive support functions.

Texas Pacific Group  

Worked in the demanding and fast-paced environment of private equity, providing international high level support to Managing Director’s in the US, UK and across Asia.

The Health Museum

Trail-blazing museum focused on promoting health and well-being, I increased membership and individual donations year on year; managed the Museums most successful fundraising event in its 50-plus year history netting US$150,000; implemented and managed new highly sophisticated donor database; and wrote grant proposals to fund a variety of projects and exhibits. I also managed volunteers and headed donor and member cultivation.

Indiana Arts Commission

Government grant-making agency to support the art where I designed and contributed to its quarterly newsletter; advised grant applicants on funding opportunities and applications; and provided board and executive support.