Morgondopp House Enquiries


We are practicing a kinder economy and being kinder to the earth. With many people struggling to find accommodation in Falmouth, we have opened up the house to lodgers. Over the summer we shared it with travellers who struggled to find affordable and available accommodations. It’s been fully booked since opening our doors. Also, in hopes of making travel less impactful on the environment, Morgondopp House makes ditching the car and planes a bit easier.

From the Autumn, we’ll offer the extra bedroom to local workers in need of accommodation. Though it is our home, we continue to find new ways of sharing it.

Follow us and DM on Instagram @morgondopphouse for openings and availability.


Located in Falmouth, Cornwall, and perched up above the trees, village, harbour and sea, Morgondopp house is rooted in community and nature.

Morgondopp means the morning dip in Norwegian. With the sea within a 15-minute walk, we like to start our days with a morning swim no matter the season. If you can enter the cold waters calmly, the discomforts of everyday life slip away. There is ease. You emerge invigorated to take in each moment and live in the magic of this miracle.

There is so much at the doorstep, leave the car behind and immerse yourself in the miracle of being alive. Explore. Connect. Refesh.

The coastal path, farmers market, buses, train, ferry, restaurants, e-bikes, e-cars, beaches, and history, community and solitude, adventure and peace, it’s all at the doorstep here.

By Clair Rossiter

Inspired by ethics and principles of permaculture

The design and concept of Morgondopp House is based on the ethics and principles of permaculture. It was the result of my final project submission for a certificate in Permaculture Design, a blueprint that continues to take shape to be shared as a vision for a kind and sustainable future.

All the furnishings of the home hold deep meaning. I can tell you about the original designer and artisan who restored it back to life or the local shop and friendly face who consciously sourced or lovingly handmade the item. Or where I found it discarded on the pavement in hopes that someone other than the bin truck would haul it away. The artwork comes from artists whose way of being in the world spoke to me just as much as their deeply emotive creations.

For years, I admired everything that finds its home here and worked and saved and went without. Without any aspiration to actually possessing any of it, something unexpected happened on my journey, in fact, a lot happened and just so happened…

One thing is for sure, dating back to the age of 19, I have always followed my heart, guided by a clear perception of my intuition, and willingness to sacrifice to follow it, and the generosity of the special people in my life, here I am. Here you are. What an extraordinary gift it is to connect and live on this miraculous planet.


These are nature’s principles – they go beyond the garden, as we too are of the garden, they apply to our own being and lifestyle. As it comes naturally to nature, it is a practice for us beings in the 21st century. It is my practice. Not easy, but I practice…

🍄Observe and Interact.
🍄Catch and Store Energy.
🍄Obtain a Yield.
🍄Apply Self Regulation and Accept Feedback.
🍄Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services.
🍄Produce No Waste.
🍄Design from Patterns to Details.
🍄Integrate Rather than Segregate.
🍄Use Small and Slow Solutions.
🍄Use and Value Diversity.
🍄Use Edges and Value the Marginal.
🍄Creatively Use and Respond to Change.