Whether you need virtual assistance for 5-10 hours a week or for a specific project, my rates are highly competitive. I do this work because I love it, not because I have to. I don’t think you’ll find anyone as committed or qualified at my hourly rate.

My aim is to astonish my clients and to hear them say that I have had a positive impact on their life, work and the clients they serve.

First we will look at what you’d like to achieve over the next 12 months, 3 months and 1 month. I’ll produce a productivity action plan specifically for you, identifying the tasks I’ll manage to help get you there, and reminders to keep you on target.

An example of what I have achieved for my clients, and could do for you:

Admin, Ops & Project Management

  • Setting up and administering G-Suite
  • Processing expense reports
  • Liaising with accountants/bookkeepers
  • Email, inbox and diary management
  • Coordinating national and international travel
  • Personal support
  • Project management
  • Arranging photo shoots nationally and abroad
  • Establishing processes and best practices
  • Diary management and support of your own self-care
  • Client services, on-boarding and astonishment
  • Workshop and events management promotion and support

Content, Comms and Events

  • Web design management and WordPress support
  • Mailchimp, newsletters and email marketing design, copy-editing and distribution
  • Setting up cloud-based communications and management systems
  • Introduction and application of effective easy to use online and automation tools
  • Social media account management and copy-editing
  • Composing and processing applications for speaking engagements
  • Press and online marketing assistance
  • Managing video, podcasts and photographic production and editing


What my clients often comment on is how much they appreciate and benefit from:

  • having a sounding board
  • tapping in to fresh and creative ideas and strategies for growth, reach and impact
  • helping them stay accountable
  • having an in depth knowledge and network within the business of wellness

Your work is incredibly important!  Just because you may not have a large office or employees on payroll, doesn’t mean you don’t need or deserve highly qualified support.

I’m results-driven. With me you’ll get a solid and skilled professional who will bring fresh ideas, dependability, and a supportive, upbeat attitude to help you accomplish so much more than you could on your own. If you ask me to do something that is new to me, I’m open to learning and not charging you for the inefficiency of tackling a new task.

With a curious mind and a love of learning, I’m actively engaged with a variety of learning sources and opportunities across the wellness space, staying informed and sharing the most effective tools, hacks, connections and knowledge required to help you succeed.

If this type of support is what you need, please click below to arrange an exploratory conversation.