Social Impact

AngiejubileestreetfairaAn inclusive diverse society has always resonated strongly for me. No one should be denied a livelihood or the opportunity and freedom to contribute and learn. Look at the natural world. Without diversity it would collapse. With diversity it will thrive.

Since 1993, I have actively supported the integration and well-being of refugees. My main focus has been to help asylum seekers and refugees integrate and access volunteer positions in the US and UK - acting as an advisor or mentor, teaching English holding workshops, managing my own small group projects and as a grants committee member of The Migration Foundation. With a Masters in Refugee Studies and Community Development and through research and practical work with my extended refugee families who have come into my life over the years,  I continue to learn how I can best serve these individuals and, in effect, the community at large.

We all have something to share. And if you are in the business of wellness you are likely practising a skill and talent that would be an incredible benefit to these newcomers in our communities.

If you are interested in getting involved in supporting refugees, please click here and get in touch. I'd be more than happy to speak with you about the many opportunities available.


There are several refugees keen to have a coach now they are free to pursue their dreams. Many want to build a livelihood for themselves and give back or better understand how they can more fully participate in society.   If you are interested in donating your expertise and time to a refugee as a coach or mentor, please get in touch.


Perhaps you'd be interested in sharing your expertise by offering an inspiring workshop about areas related but not limited to personal development, goal-setting or growth. Or, if you are hosting a workshop and would be happy to waive the fee and invite a refugee to attend one of your workshops, I could match a refugee who would benefit most.


I am familiar with many of the organizations operating in the refugee sector and can point you to one aligned with your volunteer ambitions or locality. I'm currently a bike buddy with The Bike Project helping refugees learn to navigate London by Bike