I do this (nearly) everyday and it transformed my life

If there was one thing I would recommend to anyone wanting to live better and feel happier, it would be making the 6 phase meditation by Vishen Likhiani part of your daily routine. You can easily incorporate it in to your life effortlessly, for example, in bed before you wake-up or go to sleep; travelling on public transport; or as I do while walking in my local park.  I prefer to listen to the recording. However give the recording a listen to understand how it works and then you can do it yourself, recording-free.

The 6 phases are:

  • Phase 1: Love and Compassion
  • Phase 2: Gratitude
  • Phase 3: Forgiveness
  • Phase 4: Future Dreaming
  • Phase 5: Perfect Day
  • Phase 6: Connecting with a higher power

Give it a go and let me know if it has any impact for you.

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