Simplifying WordPress and keeping costs down

Simplifying WordPress and keeping costs down - Oh yes!

I'm so excited to share one of my favourite recent discoveries to simplify WordPress and keep costs down.  

My biggest challenge with clients embarking on a new website is that the designer and developer fees can be prohibitive. Agree? Good designers are worth their weight in gold for sure. Unfortunately, there just isn't the budget when starting out in the business of wellness. My aim was to find a solution that was easy enough for myself and my clients to design and maintain a professional website without too many added expenditures or monthly subscription fees.

Introducing Pootlepress!

Check it out here LINK.  It's WordPress made easy with training, plugins and themes. You can even get started for free. Though I have upgraded, based on your needs you could get by with the free themes and plug-ins.

Their theme 18 Tags integrates well with their drag and drop plug-in Pagebuilder (which is the star of the show). Yes, drag and drop! It makes building and managing a website fun, efficient and far more intuitive than HTML You heard me right, you don't need HTML. 

For the most part it is easy to use.  There are kinks you'll need to figure out. And I'm sure you'll get a bit frustrated, but not anywhere near the level of WordPress clunkiness and figuring out HTML. The learning curve is very small, and, if you get stuck they have forums, tutorial videos and you can submit a support ticket. Check out a brief demo video to see how Pagebuilder works LINK.

It's so easy you could aim to finish your website in a day if you already have your images and copy. 

I'll soon be posting 3 websites I created for under £500. You can take a look at my website. I produced this in a day - my first day using the theme and plug-in. (Yah, I need to put some more time in to it, but just wanted you to see what can be done by someone who has never used these tools before.) It's that easy! Click the link in the bio to see.

If you try it, let me know what you think and do share your website. I'd honestly love to see your creation and learn about what you do as well.

And, remember, my tips and recommendations are solely based on what I get excited about. I have no affiliation with Pootlepress, I just love that they have enabled me to create a better website than any other tool out there. That I'm happy to share.

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