The easiest place to get colours from your photos -

I have said it before, I love a good colour combination.  

For me nature is a natural at this - the colours of the leaves, sea, sky, flowers and all their variations. Combined, they can make a beautiful colour palette. And once I discovered Canva Color Palette Generator I figured out how to locate these colours digitally. Bringing them in to all sorts of design work for my clients.

It's so easy. Open the Colour Palette Generator and upload your photo. It will provide you with the colour palette of the image and corresponding codes.

It helps me be far more helpful and efficient at supporting my clients, for example, uncovering lost design spec colour codes, creating design colour specs based on a feature image and so much more. It's one of these tools that I can also get in the flow with. Playing with colour for fun and, wham, an hour has passed - you have been warned!  

What I like to do is take a photo that appeals to me visually. I mean really appeals in an 'I love the way I feel when I look at you' kinda way', drop it in the Canva Color Palette Generator and perhaps you'll have just created your new website's colour specs.  Have Fun!

Here is the link. Keep it handy. Canva Color Palette Generator.

This stunning photograph is from my favourite photographer Ira Meyer with the corresponding colour codes I can now play around with bringing the colours in to my designs.

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