Brand Collaborations & Your Golden Five

The Health Bloggers Community held a Summit here in London at the Hoxton Hotel this Spring. It was such a pleasure attending - lots of learning, connecting and sampling. The meditation and sound bath with was a great way to start the day!

Sometimes the information we receive from workshops and panels can come across pretty obvious. However, they can often help confirm our instincts, articulate them and inspire us to action.  And this includes my favourite session of the day: Blogger and Brand Collaborations with @healthyfitfran and @fabgiovanetti.

It was applicable not just for Bloggers but wellness practitioners too.  If you have excellent content or services to offer, have you reached out yet to potential partners or collaborators?

We discussed - how to value your offer, charge or not to charge, get noticed and make contact.

Do you need to have 10-15k followers on your Instagram account? Not necessarily. Potential partners are also looking at your engagement with followers: Do you communicate with them? Do you get lots of likes and comments? It also helps to have a track record and proven outcomes. Fran has 8k Insta followers and she is getting approached now for her dream paid collaborations.

Try this to get started:

  1. Golden brands: List your top 5 dream brands you want to work with. Let's call these your Golden Brands. 
  2. Contact: Don't just reach out to their info@. Make an effort to find the right person and engage. Instagram can be a great place to start this engagement if you can't uncover a personal contact.You probably already follow your Golden Brands social media accounts. See what they are doing. Engage. And then ask for the right person to contact 
  3. Content: Your approach should be brief. In less than 3 paragraphs include: 'who I am' 'what I do' 'why you'.
  4. Follow-up: Give them time to respond, then follow-up.
  5. Taster-session: If you are starting out - offer your Golden Brand a taster session, perhaps with an aim to ambassadorship or as in-house wellness provider.
  6. Relationship: Build the connection by doing work for free just be careful which brands. If it has the potential for exposure and perhaps in the future a contract, reference, or ambassadorship, there is value here! Most of all you should believe in the brand! If you have a content idea, share it, and ask for their feedback and input. Ultimately it could lead to something more authentic, better supported and hopefully a partnership.
  7. Impact: Share your achievements. Capture testimonials. Show value, your impact and what you have achieved for others.
  8. Charging fees: Your offer should add value, in fact offer so much value they will find it hard not to pay for collaborating with you. For example, create 3 package levels and just keep adding value. 
  9. Stay informed: Although this wasn't part of the discussion, I always think it is good to understand how Brands look for Influencers or Collaborators. Here is a great article by @Welltodo worth reading- Working with Influencers to Grow your Wellness Brand.
  10. Social Media:  Collaborators may even start approaching you. Grow your account and get their attention - 

Engage, Engage, Engage!

Consistency.  Quality.  Interaction.

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