The Fundamentals for Project and Business Management

Empowering pioneers interested in community building and entrepreneurship

If you take once class for your growing wellness business this year, this should be the one!

Samantha Moyo is an entrepreneur who specialises in innovation, creative direction and community building. She designs future-focused campaigns with positive social impact and is the founding mother of Morning Gloryville. Sam has organically grown a community of 200K globally and continues to feature in leading press publications.

Her experience is priceless and I can't think of anyone else offering these types of solid learnings for growing our wellness and conscious brands

Here is the deal:

Every Monday night for 6 weeks you'll join together online to explore the “8 Cs” that Sam believes are fundamental to modern project or business development:

Concept, Community and Connection, Courage, Collaboration, Conflict, Commercialisation, Consciousness and Commitment.

The 8 C's weave between esoteric studies and business studies, creating a holistic foundation for anyone with an idea or business to grow and glow.


Week 1: 8-10pm UK Time : Monday 25th September


  • Connect with your passion

  • Clarify your mission and purpose in a way that speaks to a wide/niche audience

  • Device framework for concept elasticity to maintain freshness

  • Foundation to consider Inclusivity and diversity

  • Receive learnings from the challenges and successes of MGV

  • Live Q+A

Week 2: 8-10.30pm UK Time : Monday 2nd October

Community and Connection - Marketing Communications in its Purest Form

  • Explore tribal culture and it’s importance in urban and project development

  • Explore methods of building community connection in urban environments

  • Promotional strategies and community growth lessons

  • Learnings from the challenges and successes of MGV

  • Live Q+A

Week 3: 8-10pm UK Time : Monday 9th October

Courage and Conflict

  • Sitting with the uncomfortable side of work and life

  • Designing networks to support and empower you

  • Conflict perception change, management, and planning

  • Learnings from the challenges and successes of MGV

  • Q+A

Week 4: 8-10pm UK Time : Monday 16th October

Collaborations and Co-creation

  • Purposing collaborations and co-creation

  • Exploring different ways of collaboration along with pros and cons

  • Approaching potential collaborators at various levels

  • Inner work around collaboration

  • Learnings from the challenges and successes of MGV

  • Q+A

Week 5: 8-10pm UK Time : Monday 23rd October

Commercialising - Shifting the perspective

  • Understanding the basic requirements for commerce in a modern world

  • Turning passion into profit

  • Exploring revenue streams and strategies with integrity

  • Learnings from the challenges and successes of MGV

  • Q+A

Week 6: 8-10pm UK Time - May run overtime : Monday 30th October

Commitment, Confidentiality, Ceremony and Celebration

The final class will be joined by a surprise Elder who will talk to us about wisdom development and commitment to your path.

  • Sharing Circle

  • We will close with a graduation ceremony.

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