I’ll be there!

The first globally focused conference on the business of wellness. And as that is my strap-line, I’m super excited to be attending this event. Business is getting ethical, business is offering us clean food, clean living and overall good health. Finally! Yes! Exciting! It will be so fun for me – learning and listening to…Read more

Digital nomads in North London!

Power outlets, wifi, pots of green tea, healthy food and adjacent nature trail, the new Woodberry Wetlands cafe ranks tops amongst my favourite local ‘offices’ for this #DIGITALNOMAD.  From my house, the route is almost entirely woodland paths and parks – Parkland Walk, through Finsbury Park, around the Woodberry Wetlands trail. I arrived feeling refreshed and ready for…Read more

School of Life seeking YouTube Contributor

How we care for ourselves and others permeates our work and is intellectually and entertainingly informed by Philosophy, Literature, Sociology and Art.  If you want to make a positive contribution while also getting some reach through a cross-section of aspiring individuals, then consider becoming a contributor to The School of Life’s lively Youtube channel at: www.youtube.com/theschooloflifetv…Read more

Grab your name and secure your brand before someone else does

Who hasn’t gotten swept away with searches to secure a social media handle? This can be time consuming and ineffective if you are just searching randomly.  That’s when I turn to KnowEm.  It allows you to check for the use of your brand, product, personal name or username instantly on over 500 popular and emerging social…Read more

You too can create stunning graphics

Notice the newsletters, blogs or Instagram posts that arrive looking like a professional glossy? Do some just pop? I wondered how busy solopreneurs had the time, funds or expertise to be creating such impressive graphics.  So, I asked.  The answer was Canva! Canva is still my favourite creative tool. It is the closest I come to feeling like a…Read more