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Morgondopp House

morgondopp house

Rooted in community and nature, we are touched by the immensity of life, there are no bad days only deeper states of meaning.

Morgondopp means the morning dip in Norwegian. With the sea at our doorstep, we plunge into the cold water. Into nature herself. As we grow more comfortable with discomfort, we are liberated to ecstatically immerse ourselves in the gift of life, into the mystic. We need no psychedelics, we are psychedelic, it’s all psychedelic.

Welcome to Morgondopp House. It’s a lifestyle, home and retreat space re-imagined and infused with the ethics and principles of permaculture. Our hope is that it offers people an opportunity to commit to our planet. To get out of our cars, ditch the planes and connect to the local community, nature and ourselves.

We rent out a bedroom, co-living with people who work in the local community but struggle to find housing. And rent out our yoga loft and wellness space for local practitioners.

As we embody the mystery, our entire being is enlivened. We practice. We practice. We practice. And then our natural state becomes more rooted in the divinity within and around and available to us at any moment.

Photos by Isabella Banks